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General Policy 

River Oaks Golf Club (ROGC) has a zero-tolerance policy for any abusive behavior towards staff or other golfers. We ask that all golfers respect the three R’s, REPLACE all divots, REPAIR all ball marks on the green and Rake traps after use. Golf carts are to be kept away from tees and parked on cart paths near the greens.​

Alcohol Policy

ROGC is an alcohol licensee, all alcohol consumed on property must be sold by ROGC, anyone found to have brought alcohol on property will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund of fees paid. Members and guests are not permitted to consume alcohol to the point of impairment, and staff on the service side will monitor and use their discretion to keep all guests and members safe from overindulgence.

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Golf Cart Rules

1.  Players are to obey ALL cart traffic rules and signs. Cart users are expected to use the paths around greens and tees.

 2. Do Not drive golf carts within 30 feet of a green or a tee except upon designated cart paths. These areas are especially susceptible to damage by the wheels of golf carts and compaction which can result in damaged chipping and pitching areas. 

3. Carts must not be taken onto the sloped areas of green, on green approaches, or between bunkers and the putting surface.

4. Golf carts are not permitted on or near any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated areas only. 

5. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard. Be careful to avoid soft areas on fairways, especially after rain. Drive in the rough whenever possible.

6. Always use golf cart paths where provided, especially near tees and greens. players are required to drive carts on cart paths ONLY on Par 3 holes. 

7. When carts are on cart paths keep all four wheels on the path. You can see the damage that has been done to the sides of paths over the years by this practice not being observed. 

8. When conditions dictate the 90-degree rule, access or cross fairways only at right angles. Without exception (including those with Blue Handicap Flags) 

9. When a “carts on paths only” sign is posted, keep carts ON the cart paths. 

10. When there are “Ground under repair” signs or if the hole is roped off, the signs and ropes are to adhere to without exception. 

11. Cart operation that is damaging to the course will be dealt with in the following manner. – Verbal warning and suspension of cart privileges to the offender.   

12. Individuals using “blue flags” will have relaxed cart rules to allow them to enjoy their round. Blue flags are at the discretion of the Pro Shop and are to keep carts away from the fronts and sides of greens, please enter the greens from the backside and keep carts 15 feet from green. ALL other rules to be followed.

13. Sunscreen & Bug Spray to be applied on pavement, not on grass.

Pull Carts Policy 

Pull carts are not to be pulled across tees or greens, between bunkers and the green, aprons and chipping areas. When leaving hole #9 and#18 pull carts are to be walked around the practice green, not in front of the apposing green or through the hedge.

Lightning Policy

When there is risk of lightning in the area, all play MUST be discontinued. The Pro Shop will sound the horn in one continuous blast to allow golfers to take shelter at the clubhouse, however all golfers will stop golfing and take shelter even if the horn has not been blown or HEARD. Staff will help golfers to get off the course when safe to do so.


Green Fee Rain Check Policy

  • If players tee off and it is raining they will not be eligible for a full rain check.

  • 9 hole rain check will be issued if the player finished front 9 and have not teed off on Hole 10.

  • 18 hole rain check will be issued if you start your round and weather/rain makes the course unplayable.

Cancellation Policy

  • All tee times must be cancelled 24 hours in advance of the day/time.

River Oaks Golf Club

Dress Code/
Code of Conduct
  • No T-Shirts/No Tank Tops are permitted.

  • Golf Shoes, Golf Sandals or flat-soled shoes must be worn at all times. Soft spikes are mandatory.

  • Shorts are acceptable providing they are mid-thigh in length.

  • No cut-off shorts, sweatpants, gym shorts or gym pants are allowed.

  • Women are not permitted to wear halter tops or short shorts.

  • Men must wear a collared shirt or golf mock shirt.

  • No playing before tee times.

  • No Starting on the back nine unless approved by pro shop.

  • All players must check in with the Pro Shop before teeing off.

  • Anyone violating these regulations will not be permitted to play.

Members and guest are not permitted to bring their own alcohol onto the club property. All alcohol sold and consumed on the club property must be sold and served by a River Oaks golf club staff.

Members and guests who are found to have brought their own alcohol onto the golf course, will be asked to leave the alcohol in the pro shop.

If they refuse to do so, they will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of any fees provided.


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